The Creating Space Project helps schools deliver authentic Social and Emotional Learning programs through the cross-curriculum priority of Sustainability and numerous general capabilities.



  •  A cross-curriculum priority for NSW schools
  • “More sustainable patterns of living are largely shaped by people’s behaviours” (cf. NSW Education Standards Authority)
  • People’s behaviours are shaped, in part, by an awareness of their own values and their relationships with people and the environment around them.


The Creating Space Project offers Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) workshops that target the general capabilities required for students to develop into citizens who seek to transform society into one that is both socially and ecologically sustainable.


The workshops target critical and creative thinking, ethical understanding, intercultural understanding, and personal and social capability. The workshops also enable students to learn and reflect on their own learning, through the development of metacognitive awareness.


Fostering a kind and compassionate stance towards oneself, towards others, and towards creation is the foundation of Creating Space Project programs.



To foster sustainability, young people need the chance to purposefully develop a balance of

  • pro-social emotions, including empathy, that allow a compassionate sense of perspective-taking;
  • scepticism, a capacity to wonder and think critically about the truth of information. 

The ability to synthesise both these emotional and cognitive skills allows for ethical decision-making based on the long-term wellbeing of environment and people.

How do we do this?

The Creating Space Project uses evidence-based mindfulness and narrative therapy techniques to develop this balance.


Mindfulness is known to increase self-compassion, which in turn increases compassion for others; it also increases perspective-taking, an important part of empathy, and decreases personal distress, through the practice of non-judging and non-reacting. Mindfulness is also known to increase metacognitive awareness, allowing students to reflect on their own learning.


Narrative therapy is known to creatively engage young people in developmentally appropriate ways, by fostering creativity and open-ended learning.



Depending on the individual requirements of a school, The Creating Space Project can deliver:


A series of workshops.


One package available is a one school term 8 - 10 session program. A basic group structure consists of one hour:

  • Meditation
  • Check-in “Where have you used last week’s skill? Have important events occurred during the week?”
  • Learn and practise a new skill
  • Discuss the skill and its practice
  • Conclude with brief meditation

The number of participants is flexible. The optimal number is 8-10 however it can be tailored for a class group.


Pre- and post- testing is available, documented with a written description of the program and its outcomes.


One-off experiences

  • Interactive workshops, such as those required for a session or multiple sessions in a Spirituality Day;
  • Speaking engagements



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